Crown View Subdivision Acreage Lots


  1. One of Redding's newest fully developed vacant acreage lot subdivisions.
  2. Each of these three lots is nearly, or more than, one acre in size.
  3. Each lot is of such significant size so as to allow a substantial sized pool.
  4. Each lot is of such significant size so as to also provide areas for substantial landscaping.
  5. Engineered by Edward W. Whitson, Registered Civil Engineer, during fiscal years 2006 and 2007.
  6. Geotechnical investigation report, dated September, 2005, by K. C. Engineering Company, a subsidiary of Materials Testing, Incorporated. (Project number Rd 1944.)
  7. Final subdivision report, issued August 09, 2007. File number 13207SAOFOO; Tract number S-l-05; Shade Acres, Shasta County, California.
  8. Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions record on July 19, 2007; document number 2007-033655.
  9. The required resolution of the Redding City Council accepted for maintenance and operation of the streets in this subdivision has been declared satisfactorily complete. Property owners in this subdivision are not responsible for the costs of maintenance of this City public street.
  10. This subdivision is composed of nine lots. Lot 4, as assessor's parcel number 064-450-004, has a brand new home installed on it, with about 4,000 living square feet.
  11. Lot 6 was sold for $300,000.00. The other lots (fts 5, 7, 8, and 9) are very steep and have no level building pads. Only these three lots are level lots with level building pads with all utilities adjacent to the building pad.
  12. Crown View is at the end of the City of Redding's perimeter, with miles of Shasta County open space to the north and to the west - all the way to the Sacramento River.
  13. This new City of Redding street is an eight hundred feet long dead end street. It is rare to see a vehicle traveling on it, except for the residents' vehicles seen from time to time. This makes it one of the safest streets for children as the street is a straight-away with a slight upslope grade.
  14. The street is 32 feet wide fully paved with asphalt over crushed rock and built in conformity with the contemporary requirements of a City public street.
  15. There are no bonds or assessments in existence for these properties.
  16. There are no homeowners' association dues related to these properties.
  17. There is no grading of the building pad needed for these properties. The building pads are level.
  18. The fire hydrants are newly installed and have the capacity to provide 1,000 gallons of water a minute on a consistent basis.
  19. There are newly installed, City approved rainwater runoff storm drains, with catch basins, in the street. LOT 1, has a newly installed, major rainwater storm drain, installed at a significant cost.
  20. There are newly installed, City approved manhole covers located in the middle of the street.
  21. There are newly installed, City approved street lighting fixtures adjacent to the driveway of each of these three lots. The poles are 25 feet in height, with 240 volts, and 100 watts.
  22. There are newly installed curbs and gutters.
  23. There are newly installed sidewalks, which are four feet in width, eight inches in depth, with steel rebar for reinforcement. They are handicap capacity qualified, within a handicap capacity grade.
  24. There is a new handicap ramp at the corner of LOT 1.
  25. Each lot has a newly installed, double wide, concrete driveway apron.
  26. There are new underground electric lines to the front of each lot.
  27. There are new underground telephone lines to the front of each lot.
  28. There are new gas lines to the front of each lot.
  29. There are City water lines, buried three feet below the surface, which extend to the front of each lot.
  30. There are no overhead lines of any type in this subdivision.
  31. There are City sewer lines, buried five feet below the surface, which extend to the front of each lot.
  32. There are no shared driveways.
  33. These lots are not flagged lots. There are no lots in front or behind these lots.
  34. Each lot is fully surveyed. There are visible one half inch wide survey markers in the sidewalks.
  35. There is no parking on the other side of the street.
  36. Each lot is about 200 feet deep.
  37. Each lot is about four times the size of the average size lot in the City of Redding.
  38. There are ten blueprint sized pages of infrastructure plans, inclusive of topographical drawings, included in the set of documents to be provided to buyer.
  39. These lots are incorporated into the City of Redding, and, thereupon provide full City of Redding police, ambulance, and fire protection services.
  40. The school district includes Buckeye Elementary School, Shasta Lake School, and Central Valley High School.
  41. This is strictly a residential neighborhood. There are no commercial or industrial uses in the area near this subdivision.
  42. There is no allowance for the subdivision to be downscaled. There is no parking of commercial vehicles outside of the on-site garages allowed.
  43. There is very substantial, full, complete, and highly organized documentation for these three lots.


  1. The homes will be of a minimum size so that no small homes will deteriorate the value of this subdivision. The minimum square footage is 1,800 square feet.
  2. The homes will be required to be on raised floor foundations, versus concrete pads which can crack.
  3. The homes will be required to have a minimum of two car capacity garages in this subdivision.
  4. All driveways shall be paved to the residence with asphalt or concrete of all lots in this subdivision.
  5. No used improvements shall be moved to, or placed upon, any lot in this subdivision.
  6. No trailers, recreational vehicles, or out-buildings shall be used as a residence at any time.
  7. All heating and air conditioning units, tanks, solar equipments, etc., shall be screened from street view.
  8. All roofs shall have a pitch of 5/12, with a minimum of a 25-year warranty.
  9. No fence, hedge, or screen shall exceed three feet, six inches in height in the front, or six feet in the rear or along the sides of the property.
  10. No livestock, poultry, horses, or the breeding of animals is allowed in this subdivision.
  11. No manufactured homes are allowed in this subdivision.